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JW Motorsports. My name is Joe Warren and  I drive dirt late models in the Delaware / Md / Va area. My home track is Delaware International Speedway and make visits to Georgetown Speedway and Winchester Speedway. I am presently running a RUSH sanctioned Chevy crate motor. Check back frequently for news and updates. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you at a track in the near future.
Racing all over the mid-atlantic region 
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3/15/19 - Melvin Joseph Memorial Race @ Georgetown Speedway

The kids and Jasper made their first trip to the track at DIS for the RUSH Battle of the Bay Series.​

Digging out of turn 4 at Georgetown Speedway
great photo by Pete MacDonald

Hats are available. $20. Email me at [email protected]

Diggin in turns 3 & 4 @ Winchester Speedway

10/28 / 18
The 2018 racing season is over. Delmar's champ show is in the book. Unfortunately, due to a mechanical failure, I could only manage a 24th place finish with a DNF. It has been an unlikely season for me. I experimented a lot with rarely any success. I am hoping to update my equipment over the winter. With that being said, the car is for sale. It is a 2011 Rocket with 2017 updates. It can be bought at any stage, but I prefer to sell it without shocks, motor, transmission, bellhousing, and seat for $8000. Has ATL fuel cell, lightweight/low drag hubs/bearings, sweet rack, collapsible steering column,  quick car guages, etc. Message me for more info.

We finally got to race again. It feels like a full off season has went by since I turned laps at DIS. I started the heat race in 6th and was able to finish a very unstable 4th place. The car was not that great and continues to not like the changes I throw at it. I managed to break a shock and would have to fix that for the feature. I rolled off 4th in the feature and ran in third for a bit. The car faded late in the race and I managed to get a top five finish crossing the line in 5th. 
It has been a tough season, but I am excited to finish out the year with Champ shows at Delmar and Georgetown before I get to work stripping the car down and rebuilding it for next year. Hopefully, we can close out the year on a higher note. 

It's been a long few weeks. Right after getting my first win of the year, we had double features the next week. In the first feature, the motor let go. A keeper failed and it dropped a valve. Not only would it hurt me in that race, we lost a lot of valuable points in the second race and then again the following week. Just as I moved into 2nd place in points, I would lose all momentum and fall back to 6th. I have since gotten a replacement motor, but we haven't been able to race at DIS due to weather. I did travel to Winchester Speedway, but I suffered a flat tire on lap 3 and was not able to come back after that. Our next scheduled race is next Friday the 14th at DIS... weather permitting. 

I want to welcome Bo Daddy's Diesel to the team. The specialize in diesel trucks (service and accesories), but also sell tires, wheels, and service all vehicles. They are located in Seaford, De and enjoy supporting the racing community. If you have any truck or car needs, stop by or give them a call and see what Bo Daddy's can do for you. 

We finally got our first win of the year. We finished 2nd in our hgeat and would roll off 5th in the feature. I ran third for a few laps and managed to get into 2nd by halfway after a restart. I had a good car and was able to run down the leader and pass him in turns one and two. I lead the final 4 or 5 laps to get my first win of the season. Let's hope for a few more!!!

It's been a tough summer for the 11 car. We've been in accidents, the car hasn't handled, and driver error has kept us from victory lane. Hopefully, I can get it turned around before it is too late.
This past weekend was my best shot for a win, as I took to the high side on a rough track to get into second place. However, a late caution hampered  and some incidental contact hampered my run and would have me fall back to 6th. I would eventually finish in the 5th position.
With a lot of bodywork this week, I hope to get her back to speed and head to DIS this Saturday. See you at the race track!